Python based tutorial

  1. Beginner Guide
  2. Blinking LED using Box0
  3. Box0 Power Supply
  4. Contineous Analog In Snapshot Update
  5. Generate Sine wave using Box0 Analog Out
  6. Generating PWM using Box0
  7. LED I-V Curve using Python
  8. RC Bode plot
  9. Reading Analog Data using Box0
  10. Reading data from MCP342x I2C ADC
  11. Red, Green, Blue LED I-V Curve using Python
  12. Transistor Curve Tracer
  13. Using Multiple channels of AOUT simultaneously
  14. Visualizing Box0 Analog Input data using Matplot

Julia based tutorial

  1. Blinking LED using Box0
  2. LED I-V Curve using Julia

No Programming Required

  1. Build a Voltage Doubler
  2. Exploring properties of water
  3. Resistive Ladder DAC using Box0

NodeJS based tutorials

  1. DIO0 REST Server using Express & NodeJS