Transistor Curve Tracer
Different part of box0-v5

Short Protected ±5V and +3.3V power supply

Ready to use power supply

Accidental short-circuit, prototype problem - don't worry, you are safe.

Power supply will shutdown (and will let you know) if current exceed the maximum limit.

Notification LED for making life easier

Bi-Polar Analog In

Read ±3.3V signal without hassle.

Just connect your sensor/circuit and ready to grab your signal.

Inbuild OpAmp is on the duty

Bi-Polar Analog Out

Generate ±3.3V signal without hassle.

Just fire up the GUI and connect your circuit.

Inbuild OpAmp is on the duty with current capacity upto 30mA

Custom Instrument on top

You can build custom instrument and attach it on top.

Care have been taken while designing so that anyone can design and attach extension.

Stream Analog Data

You can stream data without missing samples.

This open up opportunities that can extend to anything.

Stream upto 96KSPS in and out simultaneously

Independent Modules

All modules can work in parallel.

In software, you can open different module from different program!

Portable, Lightweight and Low power

Connects over USB (for power and communication)

Credit card size

Easy to handle and use

Attach sensor

You can attach variety of sensor.

  • Analog (±3.3V)
  • I2C (3.3V)
  • SPI (3.3V)

From hobbyist sensors to extra precise ADC.

Communication protocol

The device communicate with USB Host over a hardware independent protocol

so that, devices with different capabilties are compatible

Driver considerations

Instead of writing device specific code, hardware independent code can be written with ease.

SPI/I2C send/receive to host that is device independent.

This allow reusable driver right from the start and also simplifies the process of writing driver