Mad Resistor

Its never too late!

FFT and Box0

Capture electrical signal using Box0 and perform FFT on the captured signal .

Hacking wall clock with Box0

Taking part a wall clock and controlling the motor using Box0.
Capture the signal generated by the chip inside the clock and generated a similar signal to make the motor run at different speeds.

Bode Plot of RC circuit

In the experiment, Bode plot of RC circuit is done.
Bode plot help us understand the behaviour of circuit & systems.

Building a transistor curve tracer using Box0

In the experiment, we will build a transistor curve tracer.
Using the acquire and plotted data, we understand the behaviour of the transistor.

Red, Green & Blue Led I-V Characteristics

Experiment to graph i-V Characteristics of three LED: Red, green and Blue on same plot.
With this experiment, you can visualize behaviour of different LED’s at different voltages.

Box0 “Hello World” in 5 Languages

Help you start with your favourate langage with Box0.
Contains fully working example that will give you a kickstart.