Mad Resistor

Its never too late!

Bode Plot of RC circuit

In the experiment, Bode plot of RC circuit is done.
Bode plot help us understand the behaviour of circuit & systems.

Building a transistor curve tracer using Box0

In the experiment, we will build a transistor curve tracer.
Using the acquire and plotted data, we understand the behaviour of the transistor.

Box0 + Node.js = REST Server

We will build a REST server that anyone can interact and perform communication over network.
The REST server is written in Node.js using Express framework.

Lag free GPU based Data Plotting

Take you through our experience with various plotting libraries.
And finally, why we had to write a GPU, OpenGL(ES) based plotting library.

Red, Green & Blue Led I-V Characteristics

Experiment to graph i-V Characteristics of three LED: Red, green and Blue on same plot.
With this experiment, you can visualize behaviour of different LED’s at different voltages.

Box0 “Hello World” in 5 Languages

Help you start with your favourate langage with Box0.
Contains fully working example that will give you a kickstart.

Read why? Box0 is powerful

Describe the High level design of Box0 and how it help developer write modular and maintainable code.
Share design insight how we reduced cost while providing more features.

Know how Box0 I²C, SPI is different

Describe how Box0 I²C/SPI Host to device communcation is different.
List out problem of conventional designs and what we did different to overcome these problem.

Reading from MCP342x (16bit Sigma Delta) I²C ADC

Tutorial on how using Box0 and Python, you can data from MCP342x ADC, 16bit Delta Sigma ADC.
Give you a starting point on how you can connect a precision ADC for your application.

The plight of Science Educators

Image Credit: Science – Open Evening 2010 by The Kingsway School is licensed under CC BY 2.0 As a curious fellow of science communications, I went into the arena called education industry (and it is messy because it is industry) to understand the situation of science education. I found that the government websites were claiming big initiatives towards science education … Read More