Firmware & Hardware design of diy-VT100


We are extremly happy to announce that, diy-VT100 firmware and hardware design has been made public.

Hardware design:
Licence: GNU GPLv3 or later

Here is a small demo of diy-VT100 with BeagleBoneBlack.

You can know more about diy-VT100 here
diy-VT100 is on and too.

Note: in the git history, you can find the rev2 firmware and hardware design too.

Useful file to look at: Schematics, BOM.
Drop me an email at if you/anyone interested in getting a fully assembled diy-VT100.

Header picture: “Saint-Cloud / Le grand feu – 31” by Pierre (Rennes) is licensed under CC-SA 2.0.

4 thoughts on “Firmware & Hardware design of diy-VT100

  1. Hi,

    Great project you have, I would love to build one but I can’t find he schematic and firmware on the links. Can you help out please? I do not want the source code, just schematic and hex file to program the controller.


    1. Thank you Elia.
      Updated post.
      At the moment, firmware isn’t being provided in hex/elf format (only code, compiling required) – will add that soon.
      Additional tip: It is not practical to work without PCB; You have to get a PCB manufactured to solder components.
      You can contact me at for help.

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