Mad Resistor

Its never too late!

FFT and Box0

Capture electrical signal using Box0 and perform FFT on the captured signal .

Building a transistor curve tracer using Box0

In the experiment, we will build a transistor curve tracer.
Using the acquire and plotted data, we understand the behaviour of the transistor.

Red, Green & Blue Led I-V Characteristics

Experiment to graph i-V Characteristics of three LED: Red, green and Blue on same plot.
With this experiment, you can visualize behaviour of different LED’s at different voltages.

The plight of Science Educators

Image Credit: Science – Open Evening 2010 by The Kingsway School is licensed under CC BY 2.0 As a curious fellow of science communications, I went into the arena called education industry (and it is messy because it is industry) to understand the situation of science education. I found that the government websites were claiming big initiatives towards science education … Read More