Mad Resistor

Its never too late!

FFT and Box0

Capture electrical signal using Box0 and perform FFT on the captured signal .

Bode Plot of RC circuit

In the experiment, Bode plot of RC circuit is done.
Bode plot help us understand the behaviour of circuit & systems.

Building a transistor curve tracer using Box0

In the experiment, we will build a transistor curve tracer.
Using the acquire and plotted data, we understand the behaviour of the transistor.

Red, Green & Blue Led I-V Characteristics

Experiment to graph i-V Characteristics of three LED: Red, green and Blue on same plot.
With this experiment, you can visualize behaviour of different LED’s at different voltages.

Box0 “Hello World” in 5 Languages

Help you start with your favourate langage with Box0.
Contains fully working example that will give you a kickstart.

Reading from MCP342x (16bit Sigma Delta) I²C ADC

Tutorial on how using Box0 and Python, you can data from MCP342x ADC, 16bit Delta Sigma ADC.
Give you a starting point on how you can connect a precision ADC for your application.